Kairos Prison Ministry

Twice a year our church hosts the Kairos Prison Ministry Team as they prepare to serve the men in white at the Hightower Unit.  We thank the United Methodist Men and Women for preparing a nice meal for the team on Thursday evening, the first day of the Weekend experience. The next Kairos will be Kairos #21 in October.

If you would like to attend a closing on Sunday afternoon at 1:30, you must fill out an application  in order to attend.

We also encourage anyone who is interested in praying to fill out their first name and City. (Forms for the prayer chain will be available in the church office)

"Heavenly Father, we pray for the team on Kairos walk #21 at Hightower.  We pray you will sustain them with your strength and peace.  Use them to bring the love of Christ to the 42 participants.  We pray you will open the hearts and minds of the participants that they might find Salvation and know your mercy.  We pray that through your power lives will be transformed.  We give thanks for the support of a Christian warden and the chaplain and pray you will bless them.  May your light shine through the team and be a witness to all.  In all things, let Hightower #21 bring glory to you.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen.  

If you are interested in being on a Kairos team, please talk to the pastor. Thank you